First Call to Action

I want to thank you again for everyone’s support. Your voices have been heard and I’m asking one more time that you assist me in shouting even more!

Below are some specific needs and requests.  Please act on anything that you can and then please forward this email on to any and everyone you know!

Rest assured that I am confident Eslam and Zainab will return home soon.  However, your prayers and positive thoughts go a LONG way!

This email contains a LOT of information, so I thank you in advance!

All the Best,



1.  Please contact your senators and representatives.

A letter that you can copy and paste is posted at the close of this email. Just be sure to fill in the brackets with the necessary information, and paste it to your congressman or representatives facebook or webpage. You can find your representative’s contact information here:


2. JOIN us on Monday, December 5, 2011 in front of the Tunisian Embassy in Washington, DC (1515 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20005) directly behind the NEA headquarters) at 12 Noon!

We will rally to demand that the Tunisian embassy institute a policy of compliance with U.S. law, review any and all requests made for passports for children born in the United States, and stop allowing parents to illegally kidnap children out of this country.  We will also demand the return of Eslam and Zainab to the U.S.

Posters, slogans, and voices will all be needed and appreciated!

Email Sabeen at: for more information or with any questions or concerns.

Follow: for more updates


3. Please copy and paste the following message to the Ambassador’s website at:!contacts


Dear Ambassador Tekaya,

I am writing in response to the ongoing case of the kidnapped children (Eslam, 5, and Zainab 2.5) of Edeanna M. Chebbi.

I ask that you exercise all of your diplomatic means to ensure the safe and speedy return of Eslam and Zainab to their mother.

I understand that their father, Faical Chebbi, obtained Tunisian passports from your embassy despite an open file in your offices containing legally binding documents regarding custody, and orders that the children not be removed from the U.S. I further understand that your embassy provided false assurances to Edeanna that her children would not be issued Tunisian passports. I finally understand that your embassy did not provide the courtesy to inform Edeanna that passports had been issued for her children, for whom she has sole legal and physical custody, and per the documents on file within your embassy.

I respectfully request that you amend your practices to ensure that your embassy will never assist another man to use Tunisian citizenship as a means to illegally abduct a child from the United States, such as it did in this case.

Thank you.


4. Keep up to date via Facebook at:

* An account is being established to assist with the costs associated with bringing Eslam and Zainab home. Information and links will be posted for this tomorrow. Please go to to keep updated.

(Any contributions will be utilized to aid in costs of travel, translators, lawyers, and additional costs related to bringing Eslam and Zainab home.  Any additional or unused monies in this fund will be donated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to aid their efforts in assisting families of abducted children reunite.)

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your support!


Dear [Enter Congressman/Representatives Name],

I am writing to ask that you give your full attention to the matter detailed below:

On November 11, 2011, Faical Chebbi kidnapped Eslam Chebbi (5) and Zainab Chebbi (2.5) to Tunisia, his home country.  Eslam, Zainab, and Édeanna Chebbi (the children’s mother), are all born and raised in America and legally US citizens.

In early 2011 Faical and Édeanna legally separated and sole legal physical custody was mutually granted to Édeanna.  In July of 2011, Édeanna provided all of her legal custody documents and protective orders to the ambassadorial staff at the Tunisian Embassy in Washington, DC.  She was given assurances in person that neither Eslam nor Zainab would or could be issued Tunisian passports because it would be in violation of U.S. law via the custody orders and a previous order that neither child be removed from the U.S.  These assurances, however, have proven to have been false.

Following a final divorce hearing on October 26, 2011, where child support was established, Faical fled the country using Tunisian passports for himself, Eslam and Zainab.

I beg upon your conscience to join your colleagues and utilize any and all diplomatic influences to compel the Tunisian Ambassador Mohamed Salah Tekaya, the Foreign Minister, Mohammed Mouldi Kefi, and any other relevant Tunisian authority to comply with U.S. court orders of custody and take immediate action to support the return of Eslam and Zainab to their mother in the U.S.

Édeanna has signed a Privacy Act waiver with the State Department, granting members of Congress access to her files and details of this case.  A case number and direct contact may be obtained by request at: These files include all court orders, custody orders, and information on any state and federal warrants issued or pending in this case.

While Tunisia is not presently a signatory to the Hague agreements, I am certain that in these times of renewed diplomacy, Tunisia would be enthusiastic to show its desire to work with the U.S. and set a precedent for fair and friendly relations.

With sincere gratitude and thanks,


[Enter YOUR Name]

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