Personal letter to Secretary Clinton

Dear Secretary Clinton,

I am disheartened that stronger diplomatic pressure has not been placed on the issue of the kidnapping of two U.S. citizens, Eslam and Zainab Chebbi.   After discovering that the U.S. and Tunisia have both signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child I have no comprehension as to why this has not been used as a means for negotiating the return of Eslam and Zainab.  The articles of this convention are such that they are the strongest means of clear mutual argument for the safe and speedy return of my babies!

I am asking that you recall that Eslam and Zainab have always been U.S. citizens and that their receiving Tunisian citizenship and passports were both crimes against United States law, the only law governing these babies.  When their father, Faical Chebbi, applied for and obtained Tunisian status for these children, he did so as a U.S. citizen bound by U.S. law, for two U.S. citizens whom he had no legal authority over, by virtue of his own decisions.  The Civil Court of Maryland in Prince George’s county issued a court order preventing either parent – Faical or I – from removing either child from the United States.  Virginia and U.S. warrants for the arrest of Faical have been issued based on the fact that he violated U.S. law by virtue of kidnapping Eslam and Zainab from the United States.

Tunisian family law is NOT the only means of advocating for the return of my babies.  This is indeed an incredible issue for the elected and appointed powers of the United States, and particularly the Department of State, to advocate for and demand remedy on this kidnapping.

The further I go to fight for the children’s return, the more I ask myself, where is my country in all of this? Where is the United States that is offering billions of dollars in aid to Tunisia in advocating for their compliance with international legal covenants set up to protect us from this very situation?  Where is the concern over two U.S. citizens who were literally kidnapped from this country by the aid of foreign laws applied at an embassy in the U.S.?

Secretary Clinton, I am asking for a personal response as to the efforts being made by the United States with Tunisian governmental authorities to obtain the return of my dear babies, Eslam and Zainab.


Edeanna M. Chebbi

Delivered via (no email or other means of viable contact available)

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