Update from Tunisia

Happy Birthday to Zainab! She got her birthday wish: MOMMY!!!! Yes, I am in Tunisia and now their father is aware of it. I did see the children today. We went to their school. After it seemed they were allowing us to leave with the kids, turns out they weren’t. I had them call their father. He met us there. I’ll save the details of the day until I have time to write further. For now, just know tha…t two beautiful babies know that nothing will keep their mother away, and that God does answer their prayers. They are not with me this evening, by my own choice, so as not to traumatize them with another “snatching”. I did, however, put them to sleep tonight (at their aunt’s house), and will continue to see them. Details will not be given about the status of the process until it is complete, so as not to compromise the process. I know that this is cryptic and it is intentionally so. Rest assured, I will keep you posted with all the beautiful blessings. In the meantime, please keep up your prayers. I may be asking for more messaging, and will post a note soon. Until then, God bless you all! – Edeanna
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