Saturday update from Tunisia

So today was not so successful in terms of seeing the kids. I did speak to Eslam for a minute. Their father bought a stretch limo before he left the states and shipped it to Tunisia. For Zainab’s birthday they threw a party inside of it today. As I know my temper will fly around him, I opted to wait until they were done and request to see the kids before they go home. I was refused outrightly unless I was to submit to being in the car with them or be in their home. 2 options I refused. After multiple requests to see the children at a cafe near the house before they go in for the night, i was finally told by their father that HE is in control of this situation and I must do as he says. We’ll see about that. For now, I will continue to pursue the requests to meet the children in public or at a neutral location where their father and I don’t need to interact, but that the children and I can be together. It’s sad to watch someone back themselves into the smallest crevice holding hostages. But we all know, and Tunis all too well, that dictators fall, fast and hard. Keep praying, and I’ll keep you updated.

-Edeanna Chebbi

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