Latest Request for Help

Hi all,

There will be a number of requests for assistance coming along and I can surely use your help with each one of them.

I’ll include an update soon.  In the meantime, I’d love your help!

Please act, and then share with EVERYONE you know.  Your efforts have certainly worked in the past.  As we’ve seen, every voice counts!

Thank you,


Please follow the links below.  Copy the respective letters and paste as indicated.  Sign your name to the bottom (after ‘sincerely’), prior to submitting the message.

Letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Submit at:


Letter to The Honorable James Carter:

Submit via email at:


Letter to The Honorable William J. Clinton

Submit at: at (topic: other)

****The site appears to take the entire letter, despite the character limitation, but just in case, you can also copy and paste this message, below:

I am requesting your assistance to advocate on behalf of Eslam (5) and Zainab (3) Chebbi  (Department of State case #: OCS 2011 319 2852).

On 11-11-11, Faical Chebbi, the children’s father departed the U.S. with the children. Their mother, Édeanna Chebbi, is now in Tunisia fighting to bring them home.

Édeanna was granted sole physical and legal custody of her children over a year ago. Faical’s confession for the act of kidnapping is on file with the U.S. consulate in Tunisia. Also, on 7-16-10, a circuit court of Maryland issued an order preventing either parent from removing the children from the U.S. On 11-17-11, the same court issued an order demanding the children be returned to Édeanna by all means of reasonable and necessary force. On 11-18-11, Virginia State Police issued 2 warrants for Faical for child abduction. On 12- 19-11, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia issued a federal warrant for Faical for kidnapping. Finally, on 1- 4-12, the U.S. Attorney’s Office issued a Prosecutor’s Agreement to Extradite with an Interpol red alert for Faical, upholding the warrant.

Please help bring these babies home!


In addition to electronic delivery, you are welcome to send a signed letter to the address indicated on each letter. 

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