Two Local Mothers Unite to Bring Their Kidnapped Children Home

Two Local  Mothers Unite to Bring Their Kidnapped Children Home

For Immediate Release –  Washington, DC – Return US Home

On Monday, April 23, 2012 at 12:30pm, Return US Home will march on the Tunisian Embassy in Washington, DC.  This rally will support two local mothers’ efforts to get their kidnapped children back home.

The “Rally for Justice and Human Rights: Bring Our Babies Home” is a call for Tunisian authorities to return American children, Eslam (5) and Zainab Chebbi (3), and Bakr Hizi(2) to their homes in the USA.  Zineb Nabaoui, Bakr’s mother, will be at the rally, but Mrs. Johnson-Chebbi is in Tunisia, fighting to bring her children home.

On November 11, 2011, Mrs. Johnson-Chebbi’s abusive ex-husband, Faical Chebbi, abducted their two small children, Eslam and Zainab, to his native Tunisia.  Despite pre-existing protective orders, including one not to remove either child from the United States; and a mutually signed legal separation agreement granting Johnson-Chebbi full legal and physical custody of the two children, Mr. Chebbi obtained passports for the children from the Tunisian embassy.

On March 6, 2012, Mrs. Nabaoui’s also abusive ex-husband, Adel Hizi – and a native Tunisian – kidnapped their son Bakr in the exact same manner.  Mr. Chebbi and Mr. Hizi had been known associates in the U.S. and their similar kidnappings illustrate a dangerous, growing trend.

“This is the fourth abduction from the US to Tunisia since August 2011 that I know of,” Mrs. Johnson-Chebbi said. “Faical gloated almost a month prior to Bakr’s abduction that someone else would commit this despicable act. If I’d known any more details, I would have done anything to stop it,” she said.

Return US Home says, “We are heartened by Representative Chris Smith (Rep-NJ)’s and the House Committee of Foreign Affairs’ proposed bill, HR 1940.”  “This bill encouraged me to see a light at the end of this tunnel,” added Johnson-Chebbi.  “The powers it gives the President in response to any country harboring abducted U.S. citizens are a left-behind parent’s dream!”

Because there are not yet any mutual conventions between the U.S. and Tunisia, Return US Home has developed a proposed agreement that, if supported, would aid the return of abducted American children.

Return US Home invites supporters to join the rally on Monday, April 23 at 12:30pm.

Further details on ways to support the efforts of Return US Home may be found at: or

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Contact: Édeanna Johnson-Chebbi
Cell: 202-505-1532

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