New Request for Support

Good morning all,
If you’ve been following the Return US Home web and facebook pages, you are aware that we are making new strides in advocating for the return of Eslam and Zainab, as well as for Bakr Hizi (2). Our fight, however, is not over yet. I continue to appreciate and rely on your support to see our endeavors through to victory.

On Monday, April 23 @ 12:30 we are hosting a new rally at the Tunisian embassy (in Washington, DC) to shed light on our case, and the case of Zineb Nabaoui, whose son, Bakr, was abducted in early March of this year.  I invite you to both join the rally, and to share and distribute the flyer amongst your various online and local/religious communities.  As you know, our message is mightier in numbers!

I also need your help in contacting the media.  This time, I am not providing links to any specific outlets, but ask that you please forward the latest press release to any media contacts you may have personally.

Additionally, we have been in touch with a number of political leaders both in the U.S. and in Tunisia to solicit support of our efforts to ensure the rights of left-behind parents in the face of future abductions.  I will be asking for further support of this effort in a future message.

Presently, our greatest need is your presence at the rally, and your financial support.  I am not a fundraiser by nature, but the cost of living in Tunisia, traveling to see the kids, and obtaining translations of legal and official documents are taking a toll. Any amount you may be willing to contribute to Return US Home will go far in helping to offset these expenses.  While Return US Home is not yet a 501 (c) 3 organization, it is my understanding that any contribution may be recorded as a “gift” for tax purposes (please consult a tax professional for clarification).  For those who’ve already contributed, thank you letters are far overdue, but will be coming shortly.  Know that your support has made a tremendous difference!

Eslam and Zainab are doing well. They are both growing more anxious about spending time with their mommy.  We continue to see each other almost daily at the house of their grandparents. I am still only allowed to bring one child at a time to my home at present.  The three of us appreciate this time, but are growing weary of not being able to be together freely. I remain faithful that this will all change very soon. Despite the circumstances, both children continue to amaze me almost daily. Their spirit, intellect and personalities are an exhilarating experience that perhaps only a mother can truly understand. Those of you who know them personally are aware of their special nature. I thank God every day that I am blessed to be the mother of such awesome kids!

We will be in court again on April 24, and look forward to receiving a first determination on our equivalency case within a few weeks.  I will surely keep you all up-to-date.

In the meantime, the present focus is the rally on April 23.

All the best,

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