Advocacy Letter – Tunisian Minister of Foriegn Affairs

Please Copy and Paste this letter to Tunisian Foreign Minister Rafik Abdessalem, and send at:  (REMEMBER to sign your name at the bottom)


Dear Minister Rafik Abdessalem,

I am writing on behalf of Édeanna M. Chebbi, the left-behind parent of two U.S. citizens, Eslam (5) and Zainab (3) Chebbi, who were abducted to the Republic of Tunisia in November 2011.

As you are well aware, Édeanna has been fighting a legal and diplomatic battle for the return of Eslam and Zainab to the U.S. since their abduction six months ago.  It is my intention to express my deep concern for the human rights of these two children and seek your assistance for their return.  The case of these two children has already been resolved in the competent courts of authority in the United States, the country of their habitual residence prior to this abduction.  Their immediate return to the their home is simply a matter of active diplomacy and respect of the human rights afforded in a system of democracy.

The number of abducted children from the U.S. to Tunisia has seen a rapid increase within the past 6 months.  Returning Eslam and Zainab will make it clear to both the U.S. as any ally, and to the perpetrators of this heinous crime, that Tunisia stands for the rights of the child in such cases.

I am sure you are aware of the substantial monetary contribution that the U.S. is prepared to make to Tunisia in the coming months via proposed congressional bills (S. 618: Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund Act) and the reported commitment of support from Secretary Hillary Clinton ($1 million of aid through the IMF).  I hope that you are also familiar with the proposed legislation, HR 1940.

HR 1940 is an important piece of legislation to left-behind parents, and amongst its many provisions is the right of the President to withhold distribution of monetary contributions to any country “engaged in a pattern of noncooperation regarding unresolved cases of international child abduction or denial of rights of access.”

I am highly in favor of proposed bill HR 1940, and desire to ensure that the financial contributions provided for in S. 618 not be compromised by the lack of action taken by the Tunisian government to return U.S. citizens who are illegally abducted to your country.

I appreciate your attention to this critical matter.


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