Call to Action (September 5, 2012)

Hi All,

I have not written much over the past few weeks as there hasn’t been much to write about. As many of you know, a judgment in our case was delayed from July 13 to September 18. At the moment, we are simply waiting the next court date and praying for a final judgment.

The summer has proven a little adventurous and a little taxing. Each day that passes brings a new dimension to the emotional struggle we all have been experiencing since the abduction occurred. I am astonished at the children’s ability to both cope with and comprehend the situation, but am terribly saddened that at their young ages they must wrap their minds around the complexities of abduction. Please join me in praying over their precious hearts and minds.

As for me, I’ve been interviewing for work and continue to await an opportunity to generate an income while we remain here. Otherwise, I am keeping myself busy with other means of supporting our efforts. That is intentionally cryptic, and as I often say, I cannot wait for the day that I can share the details. Until then, please know that every single effort you have made on our behalf has made a tremendous difference. When Eslam, Zainab and I arrive home in the U.S., it will most certainly be due to the support that each of you continues to give us.

With that said, I am writing once again to ask that you assist us by contacting both your own Senators and Representatives, and some specific Senators, per the message below (NOTE: There are 5 items below).

As always, and most sincerely, THANK YOU!

With love and appreciation,
Édeanna (Eslam and Zainab)

1. Please copy and paste the following into the subject line of a new email message:

Urgent Request for follow-up: 2 US children hostage in Tunisia

2. Please copy and paste the following email addresses into the address line (these are the legislative aides to the Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

3. Please copy and paste this message into the body of the email and add your name below “Sincerely,” (note that there are media links that should be included in this pasted message):

September 5, 2012

Dear Senator,

I am writing again to seek your immediate assistance in obtaining the return of 2 abducted American children being held hostage in Tunis, Tunisia. You may recall that on Wednesday, July 11, 2012, the FBI listed Faical Chebbi on the Most Wanted Fugitives list for international parental kidnapping. The State Department, the US Embassy in Tunisia, and the FBI have been working diligently since November 2011 to obtain the return of Eslam (6) and Zainab (3) Chebbi, who were abducted during a court ordered weekend visit with their father.

Imagine if someone you loved swept you away on vacation to a foreign country and then detained you, and prohibited you from contacting anyone you know or love. The world would not hesitate to act on the violation of your human rights. I am asking for you to act, without hesitation, to protect the human rights of Eslam and Zainab Chebbi.

Your efforts on behalf of these American children have helped, but more must be done. As the Chebbi’s await another court hearing on September 18, 2012, it is clear that further advocacy from you, President Obama, and Secretary Clinton are essential to ensuring that these innocent children come home.

I am asking you to advocate on behalf of Eslam, Zainab, and their mother, Édeanna Chebbi with the Tunisian government, immediately. Highlight this issue as the human rights violation that it is and make it clear that through Tunisia’s response to this case it is setting a precedent with relations between our two countries.

Ten months after their abduction, Eslam and Zainab remain without constant contact with either parent. Édeanna remains in Tunisia since January 2012, but is allowed overnight contact with only one child at a time. Each day that passes Eslam and Zainab suffer the mental, emotional and physical turmoil of this abduction. Each court delay, each passive response from the government, increases the suffering of two innocent children who are anxious to return to their family and home in the United States.

I am begging again for your immediate intervention, in any manner, on behalf of Eslam, Zainab and Édeanna with the Tunisian government.


4. Please use this link to find the contact page for your U.S. Senator.

5. Copy the letter from 3. (above) and paste in a message to both of your U.S. Senators.