On November 11, 2011, Faical Chebbi illegally abducted Eslam (5) and Zainab (2) Chebbi to Tunisia, his country of birth. Eslam and Zainab are both U.S. citizens, born in the state of Maryland to Edeanna Chebbi, a U.S. citizen.

Having full legal and physical custody by mutual consent, Edeanna had registered all legal custody documents and orders regarding the children with the Tunisian Embassy in Washington, DC. She was given direct assurances from the embassy that the children could not be issued Tunisian passports given the documentation provided. Despite this, Faical was able to obtain Tunisian birth certificates and passports in both children’s names, without the knowledge or consent of their mother.  This act contributed to the kidnapping of Eslam and Zainab

Today Edeanna continues to fight to bring her babies home to the U.S.  This website is dedicated to supporting that effort.

For further background, please see: Who We Are and Why We’re Here

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